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19.11.2022, 10:43 email offline quote 

Black Bay vs. Leading Submersible, how to choose Tudor diving watch Black Bay and Lingdi are two diving series of Tudor. Because of their similar appearance design, they have become the objects of comparison for many watch friends when purchasing. From the perspective of waterproof performance alone, the former has a waterproof depth of 200 meters, while the latter generally reaches the 500-meter level. The series is divided by waterproof level, which is similar to the Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller. In fact, regardless of the waterproof performance, there are quite a few differences between the Black Bay and the Lingdi in terms of material, performance, and movement.

As a brother brand of Rolex, the development of Tudor diving watches is actually closely related to Rolex. We know that Rolex launched the first Submariner watch in 1953, which is the first batch of diving watches in the world. Tudor followed suit and released a watch named "Oyster Prince Submariner" (Oyster Prince Submariner) the following year, model 7922, which is considered to be the originator of the Biwan diving watch. The early Tudor diving watches were very similar to the Rolex Submariner in terms of diameter, shape, and dial details, except that the movement was outsourced. An interesting detail is that Ref. 7922 uses the "Mercedes-Benz needle", while the Rolex Submariner of the same period is only a conventional stick-shaped luminous pointer. stabilized and continues to this day.

On the other hand, the leading submersible is a new series launched in 2015, and it is a rising star in Tudor watches. The leading diving model is positioned as a more professional diving watch. The waterproof level has been increased to 500 meters (except for the 39mm model), and it uses a titanium case and a ceramic outer ring with a folding safety buckle. The regular model is equipped with a helium exhaust valve at 9 o'clock on the side of the case. When the air pressure in the case exceeds a certain level, the gas can be released from the case through this device to prevent the pressure from returning to low pressure. The glass is broken when the ground is flat. This is the biggest difference between the lead submersible and Biwan in terms of function.

In the classification of the brand's official website, Biwan is a huge product line, including Biwan (diving watch), Biwan 32/36/41, Biwan bronze, Biwan P01, Biwan 1958, Biwan Professional type, Biwan timing type and many other sub-series. Biwan (diving watch) can be regarded as the basic model of the series. It uses a 41mm 316L stainless steel case and an anodized aluminum bezel.

The rich variety of materials is a major advantage of Biwan: the Biwan ceramic model adopts a 41mm matte black ceramic case, and the ceramic surface is treated with microbead sandblasting to reduce fingerprint contamination and create a "high-end sense". The unidirectional rotating diving scale ring used in the watch is made of 316L steel and is brushed. Another Black Bay bronze watch with a diameter of 43 mm also adopts frosting technology. The playability of the bronze case is that as time goes by, its surface will form a unique oxidation effect of different shades, which is enjoyed by players. road. In contrast, the lead submersible only uses a titanium case with a single material.

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The second biggest difference in function between Black Bay and the Lead Submersible is the calendar. Biwan is designed without a calendar, and the dial is neat and refined. The leading submersible type (39mm model, except for FXD) adds a calendar display window at the 3 o'clock position of the dial, which is more practical. However, the calendar display window also affects the symmetry of the dial to a certain extent. Whether a professional diving watch needs a calendar function is a matter of opinion. There are bridge guards on both sides of the collar diving crown to protect the crown from impact damage.

Both series use the original Tudor MT movement. Since 2015, Tudor has gradually replaced new products with original MT movements. Compared with the previous movements based on ETA or Sellita, the advantages of MT movements are the use of cardless screws to fine-tune the balance wheel, non-magnetic silicon hairsprings, and The whole series has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). At present, there are three major categories of MT movements: MT56, MT54, and MT52, which correspond to "large, medium, and small" sizes. Except for MT52, which is limited by the size of the barrel, and the dynamic storage is only 50 hours, the rest of the movements have 70 hours of dynamic storage. storage. Tudor's decorative polishing of the MT movement is relatively "extensive", mainly using sandblasting technology, and embellished with laser decoration.

To briefly summarize the above comparison, if you pay more attention to the configuration performance of the diving watch, then the leading diving model with a water resistance of 500 meters is obviously the first choice. The professionalism of the lead submersible is reflected in the use of a light and pressure-resistant titanium case, a wear-resistant ceramic outer ring, and a folding safety buckle. The special model FXD jointly developed with the French Navy and the LHD built for left-handers are both the embodiment of the professionalism of the leading submarine. On the other hand, for players who pursue personality display, the Biwan diving watch with rich colors and various materials will be a more suitable choice. The Black Bay series offers ceramic, bronze, 925 silver and other material versions. The addition of leather-glue composite straps, antique leather straps, and fabric straps has greatly enriched players' choices, and has an advantage in price.

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