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10.06.2023, 04:55 email offline quote 

Breitling's "flagship model" is actually a official cheap watches for sale?

Sports watches represented through aviation timekeeping, mechanical keeping time, super ocean and Avenger have always been Breitling's advantageous products. In 2018, Breitling "unprecedented" launched a brand new formal view series featuring retro discretion, Premier. What you may not understand is that Puya has been around as the flagship of Breitling for a long period of time in history. These days, let's take a look at whether the brand new Puya still has the strength to consider the “top spot” associated with Breitling.

Breitling is the developer of the modern chronograph, as well as Puya is the "masterpiece" regarding Breitling.

Puya was born really early. Around 1943, Breitling launched the Puya collection. You know, Breitling's NAVITIMER aviators timing was launched in 1952, while Super Ocean premiered in 1957.high quality cheap watches

Breitling is the designer of the modern chronograph. Within 1914, Breitling invented the very first independent chronograph button; within 1933, Breitling separated both chronograph buttons of the contemporary chronograph and established the actual structure of the modern wathe ( Before Breitling, almost all chronographs were operated through the crown). Afterwards, Breitling believed, I want to make a "comprehensive" timepiece, which is Puya. In the nineteen forties, Puya used the best Venus175/178 manual chronograph movement in those days. The shock absorbers provided by Incabloc used Breguet hairsprings (wound at the end), and there have been two types: "two eyes" and also "three eyes". The disk design represented the highest level during those times, and was produced till the early 1970s.

In 2018, Breitling Modern Puya had been "resurrected". The new Puya was created by Sylvain Berneron, the particular creative director of Breitling (the old man in the photo). The main goal of the fresh Puya is to absorb typically the characteristics of antique timepieces while remaining elegant along with suitable for everyday wear. Ultimately, the new Puya set the dimensions of the manual timing product at 40 mm; how big the automatic timing design at 42 mm. Exactly what appeared in today's article may be the 42mm automatic chronograph type, Puya B01.

The new Breitling Puya B01 has a metal case and a rose gold situation with a size of 42 milimetre and a thickness of thirteen. 6 mm. The appearance of often the cheap watches for men absorbs the features of antique watches, utilizing a double-layer narrow bezel along with a box-shaped mirror. In addition , costly automatic chronograph, so the width must be thicker, but Breitling used some skills in order to draw 3 more ornamental lines on the brushed part of the case. Visually, the fullness of the watch is compacted.

In the history of Breitling Puya, the chronograph control keys have round buttons in addition to square buttons. The new Garrocha uses a square chronograph switch, and the square chronograph key will invest more inside waterproofing the case than the circular button. But the new Aguijada is very good, in the case of utilizing the square chronograph button and never screwing in the lock, this still maintains a 100-meter water-resistant (Rolex Daytona is one hundred meters waterproof, and the press button has a screw-in lock). This is rare on watches which are mainly for formal wear.

This particular year's 2023 version involving Puya, compared with the previous edition in 2018, has gone through some adjustments on the hard drive. The new Puya uses 3d digital time scales, as the previous version used pub time scales. The new Sarcasmo uses "syringe" hands along with large areas of luminous lighting, which enhances the retro design, while the previous version utilized stick-shaped hands without lustrous light. In terms of dial information, the new Puya 6 o'clock printing is CHRONOGRAPH (English for timing), while the publishing of the previous version is actually CHRONOMETER (English for the Observatory). Of course , the new version just changed the printing, and also the watch is still certified from the Observatory.luxury replica watches

In addition , the new Puya added a "small circle" in late the chronograph second hand, the actual sinking of the small time counter dial is more obvious, as well as the proportion of the dial surface area has also been adjusted. You can determine the new and old versions at a glance through the above modifications. These adjustments of the brand-new Puya also make the enjoy closer to the style of antique watches. In terms of disk color complementing, Breitling is still full of well-known colors. Especially the trout plate and green dish are very prominent.

The 2023 version of the new Puya still uses the B01 automatic chronograph movement created by Breitling. But we can see which compared with the previous old model, the new model has changed the automatic rotor from the movement. The new Puya useless the automatic rotor, even though the previous version of the automated rotor was in the shape of the regular semicircle.replica swiss Watches

The B01 motion is the main self-produced movement connected with Breitling, and it is also among the iconic automatic chronograph actions in the world of famous watches. Utilizing the combination of columnar wheel as well as vertical clutch technology, the particular vertical clutch and stop-watch second wheel are incorporated in the center of the movement, and also separated from the travel period second wheel. The layout in the movement is different from the programmed chronograph movements of Iwc and Omega. The movements frequency is 28800 occasions per hour, and the power will be 70 hours. In addition to the stability shaft, the escapement base also has a shock ocupar, which is a plus. The B01 movement is certified with the Observatory, with a daily mistake of -4/+6 seconds. When it comes to movement decoration, the new Puyazo B01 movement, the auto rotor and the upper hdf are decorated with Geneva stripes, and the lower particle board is sandblasted. In addition , typically the Breitling that uses often the self-produced movement has a 5-year international warranty (including the actual B01 movement and the B20 movement), while the model that will uses the purchased activity has a warranty of 2 many years.

One of the great advantages of Breitling's new Puya is that while keeping formal and retro type, it also fully possesses the particular performance of a sports wathe (100-meter water resistance). When we say, who is the more complex player in Breitling, after that it is the new Puya. Best replica Watches
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